sketch gallery technical capabilities

The Gallery is a 12m square room with 12 edge blended projectors, three on each wall, able to provide a seamless 360° presentation environment. Though, with the new Martin Creed artwork we are now able to projection map around his work to create stunning work that 'interacts' with the painted walls.

Our in-house playback device is run by Dataton’s Watchout software. This allows for 12 unique videos to play simultaneously and in full synchronisation. Furthermore, videos and still images can be moved around the space freely. Incorporating our 8 channel Soundweb controlled Meyer sound system provides almost limitless possibility to video presentations.

External playback and recording devices can be used such as laptops and video cameras. These devices can be stretched and resized to fit a single screen or a full wall with ease.

Shows can be created off site with freely downloadable software and emailed or transferred by hard drive or similar media to sketch to be uploaded onto our system.

Cues can be added to the shows providing full live performance functionality.

Projector Specifications:

Panasonic PT-D7700E
3 Chip DLP Technology
Projected Canvas Resolution 13266 x 1200
Inputs: RGB, RGBHV, Composite
Adjustable Edge Blend to a maximum blend of 20% on each edge.
3000 or 6000 lumens (single or dual lamp mode)

Video Server:

Dataton Watchout v5.5
2 x Servers each outputting 6 channels.
More info on our Moving Wallpaper projection system can be found here.

Playback of various video file types:

MPEG 1 / 2/ 4

Encode software:

Adobe CC

Venue Video Patching:

4 x RGBHV (2 in Control Room)
4 x Composite (2 in Control Room)


Soundweb dsp matrix with all 5 venues.
More details can be found here:

Gallery Audio Patching:

32 channel stage box connecting north and south walls.

Gallery Lighting:

4 channel pinspot tracks
10 Wall Lights
4 Central Seating Lights
4 Bar Lights
Reception Light
5A dimmable wall sockets
All controllable via ETC Unison preset panel - prgrammable
Full black out available
No daylight available.


2 x 32A Three Phase (North and South on single circuit)
3 x 32A single phase (2 x north wall, 1 x central dome)
3 x 16A single phase (2 x north wall, 1 x south wall)
3 x 13A local RCD dedicated audio (2 x north wall, 1 x south wall)
Various twin 13A around the room.


8Mb ADSL connection, open access, available via public WiFi.
6MBit/sec (minimum speed) dedicated up and down bandwidth provided by Urban Wimax via dedicated WiFi or Ethernet (chargeable).