We are on a constant search to find music which is reflective of the mood and the time. Our approach is all about fusing musical genres to diversify the landscape of sound, an eclectic overture to music programming. We inspire and aspire to everything…you can expect a play list with classical to electro-pop, from reggae to funk and nu-jazz, with ambient beats to movie soundtracks, from folk to country, deep-techno to house, with electronica to rock…

Mathieu Massadian

Our music Director began his career in 1994 for the Parisian record label Pschent, famous for ‘Hotel Costes’ an internationally acclaimed set of compilations. During this time Mathieu became well versed in production, licensing, manufacturing, and promotion within the music industry. With an accomplished amount of knowledge under his belt, Mathieu moved to Radio Nova’s record label ‘Nova Records’ as Label Manager in Paris. Mathieu produced a generous amount of albums including ‘Nova Tunes’, ‘Nova Classics’ and ‘Tests’ Without a need for encouragement, and with his desire to accomplish a thorough understanding of music, Mathieu began programming guest DJ playlists on air… With this natural progression into the inner workings of music, Mathieu found his calling…in London with the influential Mourad Mazouz and his record label ‘Most Records’.

In 2002 sketch was born…an exciting time for Mathieu, not only responsible for the DJ selection at the venue, but also an authority with sound design within each room. With a distinctive ear for music, and an array of sounds to encapsulate London…the music circuit has been a home away from home. Working on sound design and music programming for a plethora of venues in London, Mathieu’s music projects have included…Bar Music Hall, Double Club, digital distribution (Believe), and synchronization (Form Music)…

Mademoiselle Jayne

Resident DJ / Weekends

Music & events editor for the digital magazine, Sex Mode & Digestion and programming director for RadiO Sex mOde.

Follow her on MixCloud to get a taster of what to expect from her cool minimalistic sets.

Albert De Paname

Resident DJ

With his slightly sly moustache, sombrero, Spanish jacket and kind face, Albert de Paname, real emblem of the nightclub scene, has been making people dance for generations. From his beginnings at Tabou in 1965, to mythical Balajo and London’s Café de Paris, Albert cleverly mixes a wide range of styles into one unique ambiance since the beginning of his Djing career. As he explains, he is not a newcomer: "I started in 1965 and saw many musical revolutions: jazz, soul, pop, white pop… I was working in record shops in the St-Germain area cellars, in London, at Le Palace, Les Bains…"

Resident DJ at the "Vendredi de Maxim's de Paris," Albert de Paname also spinned the first CD of the luxurious restaurant's first compilation in 2002 with his friend and co-resident DJ Felix. Albert de Paname selected the classic tracks from his personal collection that have been inciting the world's most beautiful women to dance for the last few decades. In 2002, Albert joined the Pschent team and started working on his most important project: a first studio album with the famous Indian musician and dancer Raghunath Manet, "INDIAMOND."

Regularly playing in Paris at the Balajo, the Royal Lieu and the ultra chic Maxim's, as well as throwing star-studded parties at the Cannes Film Festival, Albert de Paname also cuts the vinyl in Marrakech. He took up residency at Café de Paris in London, playing a mix of old and new songs, from rock'n roll to soul, world music, french music. With his really eclectic range of selections, he's not only DJ, but he also creates atmosphere, evenly choosing the decoration...

In 2004, Albert has been the Artistic Director and resident DJ of the Palm Beach Casino's club in the famous city of Cannes – south of France, where the international film festival takes place. And in 2005, he's been proposed to be the Mondays resident DJ in the Club 79 on the Parisian Champs Elysées and at the Maxim's restaurant of Geneva (Switzerland).

"My roots are in Montmartre where I grew up: Pigalle, the true Music Hall, the galas with accordion, dancing in every corner. This album is dedicated to all those who used their dancing shoes on the wax dancefloor of the Balajo, the Royal Lieu, the Café de Paris in Londres, the Capitol in Nice and on the glass dancefloor of the Nouvelle Eve and Maxim’s."

Albert de Paname’s new album, "C’est Magnifique!" is a tribute to all the songs from his youth. Covers of typical songs from the 50’s, rare songs from the 60’s, others from the 70’s, Albert de Paname decided to pick up the best songwriters and composers from each period : Cole Porter ("C’est Magnifique"), Georges Brassens ("Maman Papa"), Jacques Prévert ("Voulez-vous danser avec moi"), Charles Aznavour ("L’amour c’est comme un jour"), Charles Trenet ("Vous qui passez sans me voir") and many others…

Member of the Parisian and Côte d’Azur Jet Set, Albert de Paname features in the next movie from the French director Fabien Onteniente, DISCO (feat Gérard Depardieu). He’ll play a disco-crazy DJ.

The new album “C’est Magnifique!” has been released on April 21st 2008.

Luca Santucci

Resident DJ

Luca is a singer whos worked with everyone from matthew herbert to Soulwax, from Plaid to Playgroup. He is about to unleash his new project on the world.